Host a Unique Sheep Event

Would your bookstore, yarn shop, school, library or scout group like to host a Unique Sheep event? The Story of The Unique Sheep is a fun book to read and we have a lot of great ideas for activities for kids of all ages!

Email us at to see if Laura or Dianne are available to do a reading and to schedule your event. If you are located near Lexington, KY, Winston-Salem, NC or Parkersburg, WV we would be happy to schedule an in-person visit. If you live elsewhere, we can do a virtual visit or we can discuss travel arrangements for an in person visit.


Before the Event

  • Prepare your students by talking about what authors and illustrators do. Older students can write and illustrate their own stories.
  • The Story of the Unique Sheep is illustrated with water color paintings. Water color paints are easy to use (and clean up) and can be used with any age group!
  • Young children can prepare by talking about colors and farm animals.
  • Discuss farming and gardening topics with your students. In the book we talk about the different animals on the farm and what each one contributes (chickens/eggs, goats/milk, sheep/wool, etc)
  • Show students examples of wool yarn and wool fabric. Show them how yarn is knit or woven into fabric. If you have teachers who know how to spin, knit, crochet or weave have them demonstrate these skills. If you have the resources and knowledge, older children can be taught the basics of knitting and crocheting!
  • Encourage students to come up with a list of questions to ask the author when she visits.
  • Let parents know by posting on social media, including information in parent-emails or newsletters or sending a school handout home with your students. Encourage parents to discuss the topics mentioned above with their children.
  • Optional: Send home pre-order forms for parents to fill out and return with payment. Books will be signed and sent home with students on the day of the signing. If you sell books directly, contact us to pre-order books and kits for the event.

During the Event

  • Arrange for author to read to and speak with students in small groups. Make sure to leave time for questions and answers!
  • If you would like for the author to present to a large group, please make sure to provide a microphone and projector. Contact us to talk about viewing the e-book on a large screen, as well as pictures and videos from the farm.
  • Laura & Dianne would be happy to participate in arts & crafts, a special snack or other activities. Please let us know in advance what to expect. If you need suggestions on activities related to The Story of the Unique Sheep please click below or contact us for more ideas.


Visit with Elizabeth

We have been asked if Elizabeth can come to schools for visits. Elizabeth loves children, but she does need some special arrangements. Elizabeth isn’t housebroken so she will need somewhere safe and comfortable to be outside, preferably with grass and shade. Since young children can be loud and overwhelming in large groups, it is best if small groups (3-5 children) visit with Elizabeth at a time. Elizabeth lives near Lexington, KY and is only available for travel within a few hours from home since most hotels do not have sheep friendly accommodations! If you are interested in having Elizabeth come for a visit, please contact us for more information and to work out the details.
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