Schnitzel the Pig

IMG_9434 Schnitzel is a potbelly pig. When she was little she lived in someone’s backyard in the city but as she got bigger she needed more space to run around in and more mud puddles to roll in, so she moved to the farm. Now she lives with the sheep and other animals and has as much grass to munch on as she wants and plenty of dirt to dig in.

Did you know that pigs really do like to roll in mud? It helps them to cool off in the summer and keeps them from getting sun burnt!

You  might think that pigs eat junk food, but Schnitzel mostly eats grass. Sometimes she digs in the dirt and finds bugs to eat too. Her favorite treat is when one of her farmer friends eats a banana and then gives her the peel!

The one thing that Schnitzel loves as much as banana peels is a good belly scratch. This is a video from when she was still a baby. She is much bigger now!


In the summer she loves to cool off in her swimming pool.


Of course if her swimming pool isn’t available she doesn’t mind taking a bath in a big mud puddle!

More Videos of Schnitzel



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