Grace and Cinderella (“Cindy”) are llamas. They may look strange to you if you’ve never seen one before. They are almost as big as horses but with much longer necks. They are related to camels, but don’t have humps.

Cindy and Grace were both neglected when they were younger and had to be rescued from bad situations by an organization called South East Llama Rescue. Then, they came to Square Peg Farm where they were able to get plenty to eat and could get healthy again. Because they weren’t treated well on other farms they are very shy and don’t like to be touched by people. They are curious and like to run up to people and see if they have any treats, but will run away again if they get scared. They are very picky eaters and don’t like sheep or pig treats, only special llama treats!

Grace is the flock’s guardian. She acts like a guard dog to make sure that predators like coyotes, raccoons and foxes don’t come onto the farm to hurt the smaller animals. Cindy isn’t as brave as Grace, so her job is just to keep Grace company!

Llamas have long, soft hair and can be shorn like sheep. Their hair is called “fiber” instead of “wool” but it can be made into yarn in the same way. Its even warmer than wool and very soft so it is perfect for cozy scarves and hats!

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