IMG_9184 Laura is the farmer who takes care of Elizabeth and all of her friends. It is her job to make sure that everyone gets fed and stays healthy. Every day she has to make sure that their water buckets are full and that none of the silly goats have gotten their heads stuck in the fence!

In the spring she watches the pregnant ewes very carefully to make sure they stay healthy and then helps them give birth if they need help. Usually they don’t need help with that, but she likes to be there just in case!

In the late winter she and Chris shear the sheep to remove their wool. Then its Laura’s job to “process” all the fleeces. “Process” means washing all the wool, cleaning out the little bits of hay and grass, and then turning it into roving. Some of the wool she spins on her spinning wheel or braids into wool rugs. She sends some of it to a fiber mill to be made into yarn. You can learn more about wool processing here.

When she isn’t taking care of the flock, Laura dyes yarn and sells it at




Meet more of Elizabeth’s Friends

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