New Photos!

Farmer Laura said I have to wait till Christmas Eve to share the Christmas photos we took today, but she said it would okay to show you these photos from the photo shoot.

While I was busy having my photo taken, the rest of the flock watched from nearby.
I had to hold really still and pose juuuust right to make the pictures turn out nice!
I like how even though this picture is of me, you can see some of my friends in the background. I am happiest when I have my flock nearby!
Shhhh! Don't tell Farmer Laura that I'm giving you this sneak peak at the Christmas photos. Here I am with one of my silly Christmas hats on!
Shhhh! Don’t tell Farmer Laura that I’m giving you this sneak peak at the Christmas photos. Here I am with one of my silly Christmas hats on!

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Tell Us What You Think

elizabeth on the computer
Elizabeth and Schnitzel reading reviews online

Hey ya’ll, Elizabeth here. My farmers tell me that people have started reading the book and really like it! I’m so excited! I wish you could all come over and hang out in the pasture with me and my friends and tell me what you think of the book. Did you like the pictures? Are you going to knit any of the projects? What was your favorite part? But my farmers tell me that most of you live to far away to come visit me on the farm. I thought maybe you could call and chat with me on the phone, but then I realized I have no thumbs so that might be hard. BUT don’t worry, my farmers came to the rescue. They told me that if you write a review of the book online, they will read it out loud to me and my friends! Won’t you please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads? Click here for more review options.

Ta-ta for now,

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Momma’s Llamas

Elizabeth is letting me, Laura, take over the blog for a post. You see, I’m putting together some animal sound recordings for the e-book and the website but I was having a hard time getting any recordings of my llamas making noise. They are such quiet animals! The only time I ever hear mine make noise is if they are really upset about something– like if there is a strange dog on the other side of the fence or a skunk in the barn.


Thankfully, my parents have two llamas and one is the daughter of the other. Mother llamas and their children tend to communicate with each other more using hums and Sweetie, the llama in this video, is particularly vocal.

Sweetie knows that the feed bins are kept on the other side of that door. In fact, she has even learned how to nose the handle and open the door so now it has to be kept locked. In this video, she knows that its time for her to get her dinner and is voicing her disapproval at being kept waiting while Dad took the video. Don’t worry- as soon as he was done recording she got her dinner!

Ivy the Goat

goatsHey everyone, Elizabeth here! Have you met my good friend Ivy the goat yet? Ivy is a Nubian goat, which is a type, or breed, of goat originally from North Africa which farmers raise for milk. Ivy has to be milked every single day and we usually get almost a gallon of milk a day. Since that is more milk than we can drink in one day, my farmers use the extra to make cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Goat milk tastes a lot like cows milk and most people wouldn’t even know that they were drinking goats milk unless you told them. For people who get an upset tummy from drinking cows milk, though, goats milk can be easier to digest. That is why it is often given to babies!


Last weekend, Ivy went to visit our neighbor who has a big flock of Nubian goats. Since we mostly have sheep on our farm, Ivy likes to take a trip to visit the neighbors ever winter. In the video, you can see some of her new friends saying hello. Ivy is the one wearing the lime green collar. When they touch horns they aren’t fighting, its just how they get to know each other. You might also see them sniffing each other the same way that dogs do!

Ta-ta for now!

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Cyber Monday Deal!

Normally I don’t pay much attention to all the holiday deals (black friday, cyber monday, etc) but this year we happen to have something exciting to share with you and it just happens to coincide with Cyber Monday so I figure, why not? 

From now until Monday at midnight, EST, you can get 25% off all of our Unique Sheep Story Book Kits. And if you order now we can guarantee that they will arrive before Christmas (domestic orders)!


Hello! My name is Elizabeth. I’m a Shetland Sheep and I live on a farm in Kentucky with all my friends. My farmers, Laura and Chris, made me this new blog so that I can tell you all about my adventures on the farm and introduce you to my friends. Just wait until you get to meet Schnitzel the pig and Ivy the goat!

Ta-ta for now,

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