Welcome to the farm Izzie!

Izzie on her way home to the farm
Izzie on her way home to the farm

Apparently today is #NationalPuppyDay which makes it even more perfect that today we are announcing a new addition to the farm- Izzie the puppy! Izzie was found abandoned in a Burger King parking lot at the beginning of March. Thankfully, the people who found her knew to contact an animal rescue group, Homeward Bound, to get her the help she needed. Homeward Bound took her to the doctor to make sure she was healthy and then took care of her for a few weeks until our people, Laura and Chris, met her at a doggy adoption fair. As soon as they saw her sweet little smile they knew that she needed to join the farm.

Izzie meets Elizabeth for the first time.
Izzie meets Elizabeth for the first time.

As a sheep, I’m naturally a bit wary of dogs because they have sharp teeth and often bark really loud which can be scary. Izzie isn’t as scary as most dogs though because she is so small! She looks like a baby but really she is a year old and probably won’t get any bigger. I’ve been told she is a Chihuahua / Pug mix, whatever that means! When she comes out to the barn she gets scared of all the big animals so Laura puts her in the wheelbarrow so she can see everyone without getting trampled. I think that all dogs should be trapped in wheelbarrows, that way I don’t have to worry about them chasing me!

Izzie still has a lot to learn about being a farm dog – like to not chase the chickens! – but she has a good roll model to learn from. Avi has been on the farm for as long as I can remember and she almost never chases us or barks at us. Hopefully Izzie will become a great farm dog like her!

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