Lambing Season!

Liam’s son, Bran

One of the best times of year on the farm is lambing season. This year we aren’t expecting any lambs at Square Peg Farm (the pasture is just getting too crowded!) but one of our ram lambs from last year has become a daddy at a nearby farm. Liam was the only lamb that we sold last year and he went to live on a farm with Soay sheep. Soay sheep are a very different type of sheep than Shetland sheep. They have longer legs and are thinner without as much thick wool. They are a very rare breed so most people have never even heard of them. Shepherd Sarah is raising purebred Soays but she is also experimenting with breeding Soays with Shetlands to produce a sheep with longer wool (like Shetlands) but the beautiful color and unique breed characteristics of the Soays. Her first soay/shetland cross was born last week to Princess, one of her Soay ewes. She is expecting at least one more lamb from Liam later this spring. Follow along as little Bran and his cousins grow up on Sarah’s blog.

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