Book Review: Head to Toe -Kid’s Knit Accessories

Here is another great book filled with knitting patterns for your little ones. Accessories are perfect for kids because they are quick to knit (ideal for the busy parent!) and the fit is generally a bit more flexible than with sweaters so they won’t grow out of them as quickly! Plus accessories can be knit in all sorts of fun colors. I love that all of the patterns in this book work for both girls and boys and

I love the unusual cable on the Simonside hat. Cables and ribbing are so classic, but the single extra large cable with the wide stockinette center makes it fun and modern too!


Another modern take on cables can be seen in the Tyne Green cowl. These subtle cables seem to grow organically out of a bed of stockinette.

Tyne Green

Of course, if cables aren’t your thing there is plenty that can be done with simple knits and purls!


If your little ones are boys- or tom girls- you should check out Katya’s other book, Boy’s Knits.

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