Book Review: Boys’ Knits by Katya Frankel

Baley: Classic and Modern all at once. Ever boy – and man- needs one of these in each of his favorite colors.

If you are a knitter with little ones you probably know how many adorable patterns are out there for newborns. But as your children get older, the selection of knitting patterns available becomes more limited. Especially for boys. But if you’ve got a little boy you want to knit for, despair no more! Katya Frankel’s book “Boys’ Knits” is full of sweater patterns that you will want to knit and your kiddo will want to wear!

Taradiddle: It may look complicated but mosaic colorwork is actually very simple to knit. The mock V neck detail is such a professional, stylish touch.

Many of the patterns in Boys’ Knits would be ideal for the knitter ready to cast on her (or his) first sweater. There is plenty of information on how to do special stitches and techniques so you don’t have to have experience with sweaters before leaping in. Since kids don’t come in standard shapes and sizes, the patterns are designed to make them easy to adjust for a perfect fit. Make sure not to skip over the sizing section in the front of the book!


Landon: Knit in Aran weight in one piece, this sweater will fly off your needles. The textural pattern is simple to work with reverse stockinette stripes.

And even though the title says that the patterns are for boys, there is no reason a girl couldn’t wear these sweaters too. I’m even wondering how some of them might look on me!


Knit in soft, colorful yarns like Super Wool any of these sweaters will quickly become your little boy’s favorite. The only question is, which will you knit first?

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