A Unique Sheep Party: Part 2

Now that we have bellies full of sweets, how are we going to vent the sugar high?

How about a rainbow scavenger hunt where kids search the yard (or house) for colorful stickers?

Kids of all ages will enjoy painting with bright colors. For older kids, kick things up a notch with miniature canvases and artists acrylics or watercolors.

Make your own play dough in a rainbow of colors (or buy multi-packs of mini playdough jars) for some creative free play.

For a hands on “shearing” experience, cover a stool or box with contact paper and stick on cotton balls or pom poms. Little hands will enjoy removing them!

For an easy, budget friendly craft, use googly eyes and paper plates to make sheep. “Wool” can be added in so many different ways. Try using shredded paper, pom poms, cotton balls, paint or bubble paint. Your sheep can be natural colored (white, brown, black) or make them more Unique with a rainbow of colors!

Don’t forget to have a copy of The Story of the Unique Sheep on hand to read during the party.  If you’d like to have a copy personalized for the birthday child, just leave us a note in the “comments” when you order!

What crafts and activities have you done that would be fun at a Unique Sheep party?

Check out our Pinterest board for more Unique Sheep activities for kids of all ages!

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