Momma’s Llamas

Elizabeth is letting me, Laura, take over the blog for a post. You see, I’m putting together some animal sound recordings for the e-book and the website but I was having a hard time getting any recordings of my llamas making noise. They are such quiet animals! The only time I ever hear mine make noise is if they are really upset about something– like if there is a strange dog on the other side of the fence or a skunk in the barn.


Thankfully, my parents have two llamas and one is the daughter of the other. Mother llamas and their children tend to communicate with each other more using hums and Sweetie, the llama in this video, is particularly vocal.

Sweetie knows that the feed bins are kept on the other side of that door. In fact, she has even learned how to nose the handle and open the door so now it has to be kept locked. In this video, she knows that its time for her to get her dinner and is voicing her disapproval at being kept waiting while Dad took the video. Don’t worry- as soon as he was done recording she got her dinner!

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