Ivy the Goat

goatsHey everyone, Elizabeth here! Have you met my good friend Ivy the goat yet? Ivy is a Nubian goat, which is a type, or breed, of goat originally from North Africa which farmers raise for milk. Ivy has to be milked every single day and we usually get almost a gallon of milk a day. Since that is more milk than we can drink in one day, my farmers use the extra to make cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Goat milk tastes a lot like cows milk and most people wouldn’t even know that they were drinking goats milk unless you told them. For people who get an upset tummy from drinking cows milk, though, goats milk can be easier to digest. That is why it is often given to babies!


Last weekend, Ivy went to visit our neighbor who has a big flock of Nubian goats. Since we mostly have sheep on our farm, Ivy likes to take a trip to visit the neighbors ever winter. In the video, you can see some of her new friends saying hello. Ivy is the one wearing the lime green collar. When they touch horns they aren’t fighting, its just how they get to know each other. You might also see them sniffing each other the same way that dogs do!

Ta-ta for now!

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